i cry because i need you
i cry because you are what i long for
i cry because missing you hurts
i cry because your face has faded in my memory.
i cry because i know i’ll never see you again.
i cry because without you, i have no reason to live.


my college comp teacher thinks i’m a psycho bc i’m writing my research paper on serial killers/psychopaths

journal - page 5

"text between teen lovers"

"ugh i fucking hate you. you can’t just act like what you did was ok, you don’t just text me and tell me you want me to be "safe" and "ok" and to call you when not even a week ago you wanted nothing to do with me at all that’s not fucking fair. i have feelings and you could care less about them. i hate you bc (because) you know i love you and you know if i talk to you you’ll have me right where you want me. that’s evil. and if you really loved me you wouldn’t have done what you did."
- tish
listen to me tish,
listen clearly,
regardless of the extra
i love you.
there’s nothing more i need add,
we all fuck up,
but that’s what we got each other for,
to make mistakes, because in a purposeless world we add purpose & sustain purpose in each other,
i love you so much baby.”
- billy

I want to be around people that do things. I don’t want to be around people anymore that judge or talk about what people do. I want to be around people who dream. And support. And do things.

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