god I hate the fucking rushes of missing you
I’ll be perfectly fine
I could be cooking, getting ready for work, or just relaxing

and all of a sudden
a quick sharp pains nails me in the heart
and carries up through my lungs and takes a trip
all the way to my throat
and it all burns and feels like it’s melting

and what makes it hurt worse is when I try to push it out
I try to forget about the feeling
I’ll tell myself things to make it go away

but the only way it goes away
is if I come to senses
and agree
that I miss you more than anything right now
and I would love to just have you in my life

but thing’s don’t work out
and you don’t want to be here anyways.

Please just know it’s harder for me because I loved you (via idontknowanymoretbhlol)

(via babipxx)